Translate your apps and web the modern way

Automating localization and translation workflow for software developers.

1. Upload language files
We support all popular iOS, Android and web localization file formats.
2. Get translated
Invite your team to work on translations, or use professional translation services provided by our partners.
3. Integrate
Use Lokalise iOS and Android SDK, API, CLI tool and other integration options, or simply download the files.
Easy set-up • No credit card required • Free plan available

Tons of time saved for people in

Used Lokalise to create default i18n strings for HelpDocs in French, German, Spanish and Dutch. No effort, results in hours. Awesome! 👏
Jake Peters,
CEO, HelpDocs
Lokalise has proven to be a great addition to our tool set. The product has the right feature mix with continued innovation and the support has been fantastic.
Troy Tolle,
Co-Founder & CTO at DigitalChalk

See how it works in 2 minutes

Developers first
Play with how your translations look on iPhone or Android screens pre-release first. When ready, instantly push to all the devices with a single click. Documentation.
Integrate with your existing setup using our API or command-line tool.
In Lokalise you can keep all platform keys in the same project without redundancy, use universal placeholders and export to different platforms when needed. Lokalise may also merge similar keys during import.
Link keys with similar translations using special Lokalise placeholders and save translators some time.
We care about your code consistency and not just highlight the placeholders and HTML in your translations, but also notify you if some get lost in translation.
Configure custom ISO per each file format you are exporting to, or even change the language itself if needed.
Upload screenshots with our SDK or simply drag and drop image files. Lokalise automatically recognizes the texts on images and matches against the keys containing these texts.
Complete support for keys with plural forms. Add, delete or modify plural forms and their translations.
The perfect way to group your keys for filtering and exporting. Keep it organized.
Take a snapshot of your project or retrieve project copies from previous snaps.
Automating translation workflow
See overall project progress in the dashboard, drag projects around or resize for more compact view.
Invite your team members or fellow translators to work on your projects. Grant read-only or read-write rights per user, per language.
Assign tasks to team members by creating notifications.
Let your team decide which translation option deserves to go to production with translation upvoting and proofreading.
On-site collaboration in Slack-like chat. Comment particular keys and tag to send mentions.
All your project history in one timeline.
Comprehensive reports on languages, translations done and words translated.
With the help of translation partner network we can translate your app or website to all popular languages. Pay per words translated from $0.07/word.
Import from any format and export to any format or platform. Let us know if any peculiar format we are missing and we will add it in no time.
Import from the stores, edit, translate, and upload again either manually or using fastlane actions.
Powerful tools for translators
See all language translations for better control over project progress.
Focus on particular language translation, give yourself more space.
Instant translation by Google Translate (NMT) and Yandex Translate.
Fuzzy translation memory with relevance percentage is shared between all your projects and all your team members.
We keep versions of each translation update you've made. See differences and roll back with a single click.
Professional spelling and grammar checker is built-in. Supports 20+ languages.
Keep translations in consistency by adding terms to the multi-language glossary.
Guess who rocks here?
Lokalise WebtranslateIt PhraseApp OneSky Transifex
Online editor check check check check check
API check check check check check
CLI tool check check check   check
Project snapshots check     check check
Automatic screenshot linking check     check  
Project chat check       check
iOS SDK check     check check
Android SDK check    
Multi-language view check        
Inline machine translation check        
Startup plan $40 $52 $83 $89 $99
Free plan check    
Easy set-up • No credit card required • Free plan available