Localization for developers

Automate the workflow for your mobile, web, games and other software.

1. Upload localization files
We support all popular iOS, Android and web localization file formats.
2. Translate
Invite your team to work on translations, or use professional translation services provided by our partners.
3. Integrate
Use Lokalise iOS and Android SDK, API, CLI tool and other integration options, or simply download the files.
Easy setup • No credit card needed • Free plan

1000s of companies, from startups and digital agencies
to Fortune 500, save tons of time with Lokalise:

Lokalise has turned a task we were dreading into an absolute pleasure. Great platform, intuitive UX, powerful API. The automatic text recognition for screen shots has been a life saver, and over the air updates are the icing on the cake.
Edward Cooper,
Chief Mobile Officer at Revolut
Used Lokalise to create default i18n strings for HelpDocs in French, German, Spanish and Dutch. No effort, results in hours. Awesome! 👏
Jake Peters,
CEO, HelpDocs

All popular file formats

Import your Android Resources (.xml), Apple Strings (.strings), Apple Stringsdict (.stringsdict), Comma-separated values (.csv), Excel (.xls, .xlsx), Gettext (.po, .pot), Java Properties (.properties), JSON flat (.json), JSON nested (.json), Objective-C/Cocoa Properties (.plist), PHP Arrays (.php), PHP INI (.ini), PHP Laravel localization files (.php), Qt Linguist (.ts), Salesforce Translation (.stf), XLIFF (.xlf, .xliff), YAML (.yml, .yaml).

Modern language file import formats

Pixel-perfect QA

See instantly your updated texts on simulated and real mobile screens as you make changes in the editor. Proper font, proper place. Invite your translators and reviewers as testers and send them your app with a bundled Lokalise SDK Live Edit Module.

Live Edit

One project,
multiple platforms

Use the same keys for all your platforms. No extra translation work. Automatically merge the keys on import, or do it manually at any time. You can even merge different platform keys into one.

Multiple platforms

Buy translations

Our professional translators can translate your app into the most popular languages. Simply upload your localization files into the project and select "Orders" to get an instant quote. Prices from $0.07/word.

Order translation

Update iOS and Android
strings over the air

No need to resubmit your app for review anymore. Use Lokalise iOS and Android SDK to update strings and translations with a few lines of code.

Live updates

Translate collaboratively

Invite your team and work together on the same projects and translation files – think Google Docs for translations.


Snappy and clean online editor

Upload your screenshots and Lokalise will automatically link them to keys.
Select keys in editor to perform bulk operations.
Translation history, Google Translate, Yandex Translate.
Measure and limit the length of your translation while editing.
Automatically detect placeholder and HTML mismatches.
See translation differences in history. Undo anytime.

Revolutionary live UI text updates for mobile apps