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Upload language files, translate, integrate via API.

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All popular file formats

Import your Apple Strings (.strings), Apple Xliff (.xliff), Apple plist (.plist), Java/Android Resources (.xml), Java Properties (.properties), JSON (.json), Gettext (.po, .pot), PHP Arrays flat (.php), PHP ini (.ini), YAML (.yml), Excel (.xls, .xlsx).

Modern import formats

Translate collaboratively

Invite your team and change how you work together on the same projects and translation files – think Google Docs for translations.


One project,
multiple platforms

Use same keys over several platforms avoiding extra translation work. Lokalise can merge the keys on import (if you want to), or you can do that manually at any time. One of the unique features of Lokalise is the ability to merge different platform keys into a single entry.

Multiple platforms

Buy translations

With the help of Gengo, Inc. we can help translating your app to most popular languages. Simply upload your language files into the project and select Order translation to get instant quote. Pay per words translated starting from $0.06/word.

Order translation

Update iOS/Android strings
over the air

No need to resubmit your app for review to update strings or translations anymore. Use Lokalise iOS SDK or Lokalise Android SDK and get your app localized with a few lines of code. First time localizing the iOS app? Read our comprehensive Getting started with iOS localization tutorial.

Live updates

Quick and sleek web-based editor

Detects placeholder mismatches.
Measure translation length while editing.
Translation history, Google Translate, Yandex Translate.
Be consistent. Define your terms.
E-mail comments over e-mail to all contributors.
Upload your screenshots and Lokalise will automatically link them to keys.

Guess who rocks here?

Lokalise WebtranslateIt PhraseApp OneSky Transifex
Online editor check check check check check
API check check check check check
CLI tool check check check   check
Project snapshots check     check check
Automatic screenshot linking check     check  
Project chat check       check
iOS SDK check     check check
Android SDK check    
Multi-language view check        
Inline machine translation check        
Startup plan $40 $52 $83 $89 $99
Free plan check    

Built for developers

Full control over your projects and strings with Lokalise API.
Update your project live after export.
Slack integration
Live activity feed in your Slack channel.
Add tags to keys for better filtering and export.
Pluralization support
Create and manage plural forms for any key in your project.
Project snapshots
Backup and restore projects with a single click.
Emojis and RTL support
Full support of emojis, utf8mb4 and right-to-left languages.
Realtime statistics
Reports by languages, contributors and words translated.
Manage app metadata
Fetch and localize AppStore and Google Play metadata.

Great for translators

Translation memory
Shared translation memory between all your projects and collaborators.
Translation history
Return to a previous translation at any moment.
Google and Yandex Translate
Machine translation from popular robots. At your own risk.
Proofreader access for contributors
Grant proofreader access to chosen contributors.
Project chat
Talk to other project members, comment keys and discuss translation terms in project-based chat.
Endless scroll mode
Choose between classic paginator or endless scroll in editor.
Auto-fetch translation memory
Lokalise automatically fetches translation memory after you've entered base language translation.
Spelling and grammar check
Instantly see spelling and grammar errors with suggestions in the editor.

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