Developers first

Feel how your translations look on iPhone or Android screens before release. When ready, push to all devices in one click. Documentation.
With integrating Lokalise iOS and/or Android SDK into your apps, not only you instantly update your text strings on the end-user devices, but also get the localization intelligence on your users. Obviously timely decisions based on these data may very well benefit your business.
Integrate with your existing setup using our API or command-line tool.
Keep all platform keys in the same project, use universal placeholders and export to different platforms when needed. Keys with similar names are merged on import. No more redundant duplicate keys.
Link similar keys with special placeholders for quicker translation.
Keep your code consistent and never lose a placeholder. You don’t just get highlighted placeholders and HTML in your translations. You are notified if any of them gets lost.
Configure custom language code for each file format you are exporting to. Even change the language if needed.
Upload screenshots with our SDK or simply drag and drop image files. Lokalise will read the texts on your images and match them with keys that contain them.
Complete support for plural keys. Lokalise automatically adds required plural forms to all languages. Works, whether your language has six types of plurals or just one.
Tags help you organize keys in groups. Review, filter and export just the right keys in seconds.
Take a snapshot of your project or retrieve project copies from previous snaps.

Automating the translation workflow

See overall project progress on your dashboard, drag projects around or resize the view to free up some space.
Invite your team members or fellow translators to work on your projects. Stay in control: grant unique read-only or read-write rights to each user, for each language.
Create translation tasks for project contributors and keep track of the progress.
Connect your favorite tools with a few clicks. See the complete list.
Let your team choose the best translation version with upvoting and reviewing.
Comment on particular keys and @TagMention colleagues in a Slack-like collaborative chat.
See all your project history in one timeline.
Easily chain languages by setting up auto-fill rules. Once translations in languages you set up for monitoring are updated, the chained languages get updated as well.
See the latest languages, keys and words translated in comprehensive live reports.
Get it right the first time. Professionals in our verified partner network can translate your app or website to all popular languages, from $0.07 per word.
Import and export to any format or platform. Don’t see your favorite format on our list? Tell our support chat, and we will add it.
Import, edit, translate, and upload your metadata manually or with Fastlane actions.

Powerful tools for translators

Add-on module for Lokalise SDK. Instantly preview text changes on your connected device. Proper font, proper place. Make your app pixel-perfect in no time. Learn more.
Lokalise LiveJS is a JavaScript plugin that lets your translators edit your website texts and translations right on the webpage.
Two-way integration for Sketch designs. Live preview is included.
See progresses on all language translations for better control.
Focus on a particular language pair without distractions.
Instant translation by Google Translate (NMT). DeepL,Yandex Translate and Microsoft Translate.
Professional grade translation memory is shared across all projects in your team. Use concordance search in TM widget. Import existing Translation Memory eXchange files (.tmx).
Edit without fear. We keep versions of each translation update you've ever made. See differences and roll back in one click.
Built-in professional spelling and grammar checker supports 20+ languages.
Keep translations consistent by adding terms to your own multi-language glossary (term base).
Guess who rocks here?
Lokalise WebtranslateIt PhraseApp OneSky Transifex
Online editor check check check check check
API check check check check check
CLI tool check check check   check
Project snapshots check     check check
Automatic screenshot linking check     check  
Project chat check       check
iOS SDK check     check check
Android SDK check    
Multi-language view check        
Inline machine translation check        
Startup plan $40 $58 $110 $89 $139
Free plan check    
Easy setup • No credit card needed • Free plan